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B-12 Cemichoc

Handling and maintenance is easy thanks to its simplicity and robust construction.

CEMICHOC B-12, is designed for fast, simple and perfect coating processes.

Total lenght 1930 mm
Wide 540 mm
High 1300 mm
Working height 85 mm
Weight 80 kg
Capacity 12 kg
Tension 220 V.
Total power 1.500 V.
Engine 180 W.
Speed 5-50 r.p.m R.P.M

Mechanic and electrical characteristics of B-12:
Electric square with handling panel symbolized
Digital for great precision per tenths, with wheel probe to read out
Digital for great precision per tenths, with probe in a basin for reading inferior temperature.
Register chocolate curtain with two adjustable outputs.
Mesh width 112 mm. Bathing container.
Curtain ventilator with adjustable height
Travel speed from 1 to 10 adjustable
Vibrator incorporated in the mesh with potency grader and fixer
Rod burrs-remover with turn in two directions
Protecting cover made of methacrylate for the control of the inferior temperature
Heating exterior tube for temperature adjustment.