Chocolate Machines

Junior 2000 Cemichoc
Designed for the molten, hardened and maintaining proper temperature of the chocolate.
1 x 4
Designed for the molten, hardened and maintaining, at a suitable temperature of the chocolate.
Compact 10
This is the latest design by following our trajectory in the manufacture of special machinery for chocolate.
B-12 Cemichoc
Handling and maintenance is easy thanks to its simplicity and robust construction.
B-18 Cemichoc
It is designed for coating processes in a fast, simple and perfect.
Manual operation with four interchangeable frames ideal for cutting a variety of materials pastries.
Chocolate heater
Cupboard with wheels large capacity, especially for the molten chocolate and temperate molds, built entirely in stainless steel.
B-12 with truffles turn
The truffles turn accessory is adapted to the end of the mesh of the B-12 or B-18.
Junior 2000 with vibrator
CEMICHOC JUNIOR 2000 is a small desktop machine weight and of small dimensions (28 kg), with a load capacity of 12 kg chocolate.
1 x 4 with shave
Following our path in manufacturing of special machines for chocolates, CEMISA has created the only shaving machine in the market.
1×4 with vibrator
Ideal for coating processes and mold filling in a quick, simple and perfect.